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Calling 000 when there is no emergency puts lives at stake because it may delay help to someone in genuine need.

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Remember kids that sometimes we need to be brave and make a call to 000 to help someone when they are in trouble or sick. Would you know what to do if your mum collapsed and wouldn’t wake up? Or what if your house was on fire? By calling 000, you can get help from police, fire or ambulance really fast. Read on and I'll show you how!

What happens when you ring Triple Zero?

Triple Zero (000) is the emergency number for Australia. When you ring 000, a recording will let you know you have called 000 and that you will be connected to an operator. This is to make sure that you haven’t called the number by accident.

You will then be asked which service you need “Police, Fire or Ambulance”.  If you’re not sure or the operator cannot understand you, they will connect your call to police who will be able to help.

What you need to know when calling Triple Zero

WHERE is your emergency?

In order to get help to you, we need to know where you are. If the emergency is at your house, you need to know your address. Click the above link to find out more.

WHAT is the emergency?

Click on the above link to see:

  • The types of emergencies that may need a call to 000
  • Information you might need to help answer our Calltakers questions
  • When you shouldn’t call 000

When you shouldn’t call Triple Zero

000 is a very important number for people who need help in an emergency. Click on the above link to find out why hoax calls to 000 are dangerous.

000 Heroes - Channel 9 News

Listen to Kaila's call for help - a 000 Hero!

ESTA Operator

"Only call Triple Zero (000) if you need emergency help from police, fire or ambulance"

Last updated 22nd July, 2016
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