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We prefer the phrase "Triple Zero" over "Triple Oh" because of potential confusion when using alphanumeric keypads which could cause people to incorrectly dial "666" in an emergency, not Triple Zero (000).

Metropolitan Mobile Radio

The Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) service is a digital radio voice communications system operating to international standard protocols. It provides mission critical high quality and secure communications over the Greater Metropolitan area supporting Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and the MFB. The MMR comprises more than 8000 portable and vehicle radio sets, facilitated by a backhaul network comprising over 70 base stations

Network Performance

The MMR core network availability for 2012/13 was 100 per cent against a target of 99.95 per cent and compared to 99.99 per cent in 2011-12.

Network Activity

The breakdown of the total number of MMR calls for the 2012/13 year was as follows:

  • Ambulance Victoria - 4,750,962
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade - 1,313,353
  • Victoria Police - 12,835,206
  • Total = 18,899,521
ESTA Operator

"Only call Triple Zero (000) if you need emergency help from police, fire or ambulance"

Last updated 19th January, 2014
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