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106 is a relay service number for hearing and speech impaired people.  106 operators will communicate via a Telephone Typewriter service and relay information to the emergency services operator.

Operational Communications

ESTA is dedicated to providing quality community safety services through the provision of 24 x 7 world-class emergency telecommunications services which support the emergency services organisations’ response to the needs of the Victorian community.

The Mobile Data Network (MDN)

The MDN is a digital data switching and radio transmission system integrated with the ESTA Call-taking and Dispatch (CTD) and Victoria Police law enforcement databases. It enables data to be transmitted between these databases and mobile and fixed terminals in Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria vehicles and offices in the greater Melbourne region. Visit this link to view more information on the Mobile Data Network.

The Emergency Alerting System (EAS)

The EAS is a dedicated messaging system which enables the Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES) and Ambulance Victoria (AV) regional emergency services staff and volunteers to be simultaneously alerted to incidents and provided with text messages by means of pocket pagers. Visit this link to view more information on the Emergency Alerting System

The Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR)

The MMR network is a digital radio system providing secure high quality voice communications for Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria (AV) and Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) over the greater Melbourne region. The network also forms an important part of ESTA Call-taking and Dispatch operations and some 8000 fixed portable and mobile (vehicle based) radio sets are in use. View more information on the Metropolitan Mobile Radio.


ESTA on behalf of the State of Victoria manages 60 transceiver sites, of various capacity ability, across the state of Victoria.  If you require more information please complete the application form and or send your questions to or contact ESTA on 03 8656 1200 and ask for the Commercial Manager. View the Co-Locations Guide.

ESTA Calltaker

"ESTA cannot send help if it doesn't know where the emergency is - knowing your location is essential"

Last updated 6th January, 2017
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