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Prior to 1969, Australia did not have a national number for emergency services; the police, fire and ambulance services possessed many phone numbers, one for each local unit.

The Right Stuff

In order to get through each step of the recruitment process, you must be positively assessed against the Key Selection Criteria to be offered employment as a call-taker or dispatcher.

When submitting your application for positions, you should provide specific comment on each of the Key Selection Criteria contained in the Applicant Information Kit (PDF 446KB). 

Each area must be fully understood and acknowledged to assist in the application process.
Here is a sample of what it is like to be a call-taker assisting in an emergency:
* All personal details are removed from calls to ensure privacy
ESTA Calltaker

"ESTA cannot send help if it doesn't know where the emergency is - knowing your location is essential"

Last updated 6th January, 2017
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