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Call-taker recruitment process

The Recruitment Process

We appreciate that applying for a call-taker role involves a significant investment of time by candidates.  We ask you first to consider carefully how closely you meet the role requirements and how well you are suited to the working environment before submitting an application.  The selection process for call-taker roles has been rigorously designed to ensure that candidates are assessed objectively and fairly in relation to their capability to successfully perform the role.  Given the challenging nature of these roles, we invest time and resources into ensuring that only those candidates highly suited to the call-taker role receive an offer of employment.

The selection process for call-taker roles includes the following steps:

  • Submit application online - submit your resume, answer some mandatory questions and most importantly, tell us why you want to become a call-taker.  

  • Video interview - a one-way video interview completed where and when it suits you

  • Psychometric assessments - online psychometric assessments of your job related abilities and behavioural preferences

  • Assessment centre - a half-day session where you undertake a series of individual and group assessment activities

  • Panel interview – a 30 to 45 minute interview which is also another great opportunity for you to ask more questions about the role and working at ESTA

  • Referee checks - we ask you to nominate two referees with whom you have worked in a direct report capacity

  • Pre-employment checks -medical and health assessments including drug and alcohol testing, hearing and eye tests and a comprehensive Police records check

Due to the comprehensive nature of the recruitment and selection process, it typically takes between two and four months from application through to offer.  We will communicate with you all the way through each stage to keep you informed.  If you want to speak to us at any stage we are contactable via ESTACareers [at] esta.vic.gov.au  

Further information on the role of a call-taker is contained within our ESTA call-taker applicant information kit below.   

ESTA call-taker applicant information kit.pdf PDF icon ESTA call-taker applicant information kit.pdf (2.33 MB)