Remember how 000 works

Add a splash of colour to our Emett Bear colouring sheet PDF icon colouring sheet (955.57 KB) with your very own 000 reminder. 

Why not print one for your friends - or better yet, get them to jump online and pay me a visit.

Always ask mum, dad or a grown-up the following questions if you're not sure where you live:

  • What is the number of your house?
  • What is the street name?
  • What is the suburb?
  • What is your nearest street corner name?
  • What the emergency is.

Check back to the Kids' Zone from time to time as we will be bringing you more colouring in pages, games and competitions that you can enter.

Remember that calling triple zero (000) is only for emergencies - never play with the phone and call this number for fun.