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ESTA Advisory Committee 

ESTA’s Advisory Committee is created under the Emergency Services Telecommunications Act 2004 (the ESTA Act). The Committee includes senior personnel from Victoria’s emergency services and representatives from ESTA management, Emergency Management Victoria, and the Inspector-General for Emergency Management. It is chaired by the ESTA Board Chair, Flavia Gobbo. The role of the committee is to advise the ESTA Board of any specific requirements of or issues relating to the organisations represented on the committee. ESTA reports on its performance to the committee and consults with it in the formation of its annual corporate plan.

Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance Committee Charter

The Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance Committee (ARMCC) is an independent advisory committee appointed by the ESTA Board. The committee is independent of management. The committee assists ESTA in fulfilling its oversight and governance responsibilities, the facilitation of sound organisational ethics, and obligations under the Financial Management Act 1994 (the Act). It oversights ESTA’s audit functions and advises the ESTA Board in relation to annual reporting and attestation requirements. It also oversights ESTA’s risk management.

The ARMCC is chaired by ESTA Member, Mr Paul Henderson.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee focuses on ESTA’s financial performance and budget. It comprises both the ESTA Board and external members along with ESTA management and advisers from the Department of Justice & Community Safety and Emergency Management Victoria. It reviews ESTA’s budget, forecasting and scenario planning, and costs.

The Finance Committee is chaired by ESTA Member, Ms Mary Delahunty.

Information and Communication Technology Committee

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee supports ESTA in identifying how ICT supports the organisation’s strategy and what investments and forward planning are required to deliver and mitigate risk. It monitors and oversights ICT costs and risks, as well as technology and relevant system performance and delivery to ensure ESTA’s ICT is robust and productive. The Committee provides expert oversight of the Chief Information Officer function and advises the ESTA Board and CEO on key ICT decisions and projects. The ICT Committee works closely with the ARMCC to provide expert advice and oversight on Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery matters with a high degree of ICT risk.

The ICT Committee is chaired by ESTA Member, Ms Christine Collin.