Name Bek Grubb

Position Dispatcher - Police

Length of Employment 12 years and counting - making friends, knowing I'm helping reduce crime, catching offenders and making the job easier for police is what makes working at ESTA worthwhile.  


Time: Activity:

Shift length1800-0600

A police dispatcher works for 90 minutes, then has a 30 minute break and moves to work on another channel when they return from their break.
1800All set to start my shift.  The weather has been unbearably hot and the temperature is unlikely to drop to a comfortable temperature overnight so could be a busy night.
1930The night is cruising along okay.  So far a few disputes, car accidents and drunken behaviour are being reported.
2130The channel is getting busier.  An event has been called in for an injured person. 
2200An aggravated burglary is called in – Police units head that way, the incident involves a male who has assaulted his ex-partner’s boyfriend and has locked them in the house.  The incident turns into a siege with the male threatening self-harm – multiple units are on scene.  Six more calls to 000 come through about this incident. 
0852Beaumaris: 91 year old female complaining about a sweet smell coming from a neighbour’s outdoor spa. The Local Council Health Inspector advised her to call the Police!!!
2235A female is threatening self-harm and says she is going to set her house on fire. Police units head to this incident.   
2300Another aggravated burglary is called in, with 2 males armed with guns storming through a house.  Available units are immediately dispatched.  It’s heating up in more ways than one!  Meanwhile my supervisor is assisting me with relaying information to the night shift units about to start their shift.
2330A mother and child have been abducted by her ex-partner who is wanted by police.  Available units have been notified and are now patrolling the area.
1230Lost a bet for the last AFL Grand Final. Was reminded of the payment “Sushi” for 2 x staff - “Go Saints”.
0000The earlier siege is still going.  The online supervisor is doing a sterling job speaking to the male involved over the phone. 
0015The male has been taken into custody with no-one seriously injured – a good outcome.
0130Working a different channel, the pace a bit quieter than the last channel I was working.  Conducting name and car checks for the Police units, a theft from a caravan park on a beach comes through, a few disputes and a drunk or two causing public disturbances.
0245A pursuit is in progress.  The units on the channel head towards it ready to assist.  The offending vehicle damages a Police car and the support units are called off and head back to their area.
0330The adrenaline has been pumping for most of the night but only a few more hours to go.  Off to a different channel for the rest of my shift.
0530One last stint back on the channel I originally sat on at the beginning of the shift.  Tidy up, chase replies and set up the screen ready for the day shift dispatchers to arrive. 
0600My shift has come to an end.  Time to head home, drop the kids off to kinder, grab some sleep before returning again tonight for what I imagine will be another busy shift.