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The Emergency Alerting System

The Emergency Alerting System (EAS) is a dedicated alerting system used to alert and simultaneously mobilise CFA, VICSES and Ambulance Victoria resources for both career staff and volunteer members. These emergency services are dispatched to incidents via text messages received on EAS personal paging devices. The EAS network comprises 230 sites distributed across Victoria, transmitting messages to approximately 40,000 pagers. The EAS has proven to be an extremely reliable and efficient method of alerting emergency services’ personnel to critical incidents, able to sustain a high level of service during high demand or peak events.

ESTA delivered close to 1.3 million messages to CFA, VICSES and Ambulance Victoria volunteers and staff via the State-wide Emergency Alerting System (EAS) in 2015-16. 

Consistent with the original contract terms, ownership of the EAS network and all its associated equipment (excluding pagers) was transitioned back to the state at the expiry of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract. The service is now supported on the basis of an `operate and maintain' contract.

System performance

The EAS performance for 2015-16 resulted in an overall message delivery success rate of 100 per cent against a target level of 99.95 per cent.

Completion of three new broadcast sites improved the EAS coverage in the townships of Creswick, Ouyen and Myrtleford adding to the already extensive service coverage area of more than 95 per cent of the state.

System activity

The EAS provides message transmissions at three priority levels - Emergency, Non-Emergency and Administrative - relaying emergency service information to the CFA, SES and AV. This volume incorporated the following break down for 2015-16:

  • Emergency messages 482,654 
  • Non-emergency messages 646,106 
  • Administrative messages 152,185
  • Total = 1,281,000 (compared with 1,299,000 in 2014-15)