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Emergency Communication Information Services

ESTA is dedicated to providing community safety through 24 x 7 Emergency Communication Information Services (ECIS), which support the emergency services organisations’ response to Victorians’ needs.   
ECIS provides the expertise and technology that maintains and continually improves ESTA’s innovative technology based services and digital channels.  ECIS has a key focus on delivering critical new channels and data/information management and intelligence. 

ESTA’s secure intelligence information and communication channels are used in real-time as well as long-term strategy by all levels and branches of government.  It is used to inform and improve community safety and health, and support tens of thousands of emergency field responders.

ECIS operates a complex, high-value (hundreds of millions of dollars), state-wide radio infrastructure which supports a broad set of communications channels and intelligence systems.  In 2020-21 this infrastructure enabled over 2.8 million calls for assistance, 23 million radio calls 570,000 data transactions, tens of thousands of fire alarms and 1.4 million emergency alert messages. All this is done with a high degree of availability, security, precision and safety. 

Emergency Services Partner Communications 

ESTA manages the contracts for operational communications service agreements with Victoria’s law enforcement and public safety organisations and service leadership/delivery with Emergency Management Victoria. 
These communications services support the Metropolitan Mobile Radio Service (MMR) and Regional Mobile Radio (RMR) service; the Mobile Data Network (MDN) and the state-wide Emergency Alerting System (EAS).  


Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR)  

The MMR network is a digital radio system providing secure, high-quality voice communications for Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, VICSES, Corrections Victoria, Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) over the greater Melbourne region. The network also forms an important part of ESTA’s CTD operations and some 15,000 fixed, portable and mobile (vehicle-based) radio terminals. 

Regional Mobile Radio (RMR)  

The RMR network provides high quality, reliable and secure radio communications across regional and rural Victoria. Originally designed to provide the CFA with direct communications with incident dispatchers, the network now provides a range of critical communication services for the CFA, Victoria Police, FRV, Victoria State Emergency Service, Corrections Victoria and LSV. 

Mobile Data Network (MDN)  

The MDN is a secure digital data system integrated with ESTA’s Call-taking and Dispatch (CTD) system. It enables the communication and transmission of essential dispatch information, status and location data for Ambulance Victoria resources, with an operational fleet of in-vehicle mobile data terminals, tablet devices and data-supported radio terminals across the greater Melbourne region.  

Emergency Alerting System (EAS)  

The EAS is a state-wide dedicated messaging system which enables the CFA, VICSES and Ambulance Victoria staff and volunteers to be alerted simultaneously to incidents and provided with text messages through pagers.  

Managed Device Service (MDS)  

The Managed Device Service is vendor-neutral purchasing, asset management and support service for radio terminal equipment operating on the MMR and RMR radio networks (see above). Designed to contribute towards a common operating platform for emergency services radio devices, the MDS is used by Corrections Victoria, LSV, Victoria Police and VICSES.  


ESTA, on behalf of the state of Victoria, manages 60 telecommunications sites across the state.  If you require information about becoming a tenant, please complete the  Application form PDF icon Application form (340.17 KB) or send your questions to Co-Locations [at] esta.vic.gov.au or contact ESTA on 03 8656 1200 and ask for the Manager - Managed Services. View the  Co-location guide PDF icon Co-location guide (715.29 KB)