Make a Freedom of Information application to ESTA

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) gives the public rights of access to information that ESTA holds. You will need to clearly describe the documents you want to access.

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)External Link (FOI Act) gives you the right to apply for access to certain information that ESTA holds.

Under the FOI Act, you can also ask ESTA to correct or amend information it holds about you where it is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading.

What to consider before making a request

Information relating to call taking (including Triple Zero calls)

You cannot request access to call audio under the FOI Act.

Section 38 of the FOI Act provides an exemption from releasing information if it is considered confidential under another Act.

Section 33 of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Act 2004 (ESTA Act)External Link is a secrecy provision that protects the privacy of all information shared during Triple Zero calls.

ESTA cannot provide you with documents relating to call taking (including Triple Zero call audio) under the FOI Act because of these provisions.

If you want to request Triple Zero call or dispatch information, you need to follow the ESTA Act's process: Requests for audio under the ESTA ActExternal Link form. There is no cost for this request.

Publicly available information

Before you make a request for access, we encourage you to check if the information or document you are seeking is already publicly available, such as in the ESTA annual reportExternal Link , our FOI Information Statements (below) or elsewhere on our website.

Making a request

A request under the FOI Act can only be made by an individual, not an organisation or corporate entity.

  • If you want access to documents that contain your personal information (e.g., documents that involve you), you will need to provide proof of your identity such as a copy of a current photo ID like a driver's license.
  • If you're requesting documents that contain someone else's information, you need written consent from that person allowing you to receive their personal information.

To make a valid FOI request:

  • provide a clear and concise list of the document/s you are requesting.
  • pay the FOI application fee of $31.80 (as at 1 July 2023) or request a fee waiver providing proof of hardship. You can pay the fee to ESTA onlineExternal Link and receive a receipt.

For more information on FOI requests email or call (03) 9259 3737.

Helpful hints

To ensure a smooth process, please remember the following:

  • Only individuals, not organisations or corporate entities, can make requests. Include your name as the contact information.
  • To avoid delays and to help us find what you need, please provide clear details and be specific about the documents you are requesting, including any relevant information like full names and document dates.
  • ESTA cannot process requests that are excessively large. If your request seems extensive, consider narrowing down its scope.
  • You cannot use the FOI Act application to request Triple Zero call audio. To access call audio, you will need to complete the Requests for audio under the ESTA ActExternal Link form.

More information about FOI requests

Read our Freedom of Information – Part II Information Statements.

For further information on the Freedom of Information in Victoria, please visit the Office of the Victorian Information CommissionerExternal Link .

If you need information relating to the actual services that attended an event, consider making a Freedom of Information request to the service concerned:

Reviewed 15 September 2023

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