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The Mobile Data Network

The Mobile Data Network (MDN) is a secure, digital, data switching telecommunications network that provides connectivity between mobile data equipped emergency service resources in the field, their corporate databases and the ESTA call-taking and dispatch environment. During 2015-16 ESTA supported 10.04 million data transactions on the Mobile Data Network (MDN).

The MDN enables:

  • The efficient dispatch of events to field resources
  • In-field enquiry functionality for corporate databases such as the LEAP used by Victoria Police, and
  • Automatic Vehicle Location which facilitates both the identification of the closest appropriate emergency service resource to an event, in addition to personnel duress alerting that also provides the location of an agency resource under duress.

Network Performance

The MDN core network delivered a high level of service for 2015-16, achieving an availability of 99.97 per cent, well exceeding its performance target of 99.90 per cent. The MDN delivered an increase of over 16 per cent in transactions for 2015-16, compared with the previous year; this is attributed mainly to an increase in Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) inquiries.

The increased use of handheld data terminals is the main driver for the upward trend of transactions and is projected to continue as increased agency productivity and statewide service availability drives the service demand.

Network activity

A significant function of the MDN is to provide access to ESTA’s CTD network and the LEAP database administered by the Sheriff’s Office. The MDN processed the following transactions throughout the 2015-16 period:

  • LEAP 7,681,627
  • CAD Victoria Police 1,853,145
  • CAD Ambulance Victoria 506,139
  • Sheriff’s Office 6,990