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Metropolitan Mobile Radio

The Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) service is a digital radio voice communications system operating to international standard protocols. It provides mission critical high quality and secure communications over the Greater Metropolitan area supporting Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and FRV. The MMR comprises more than 8000 portable and vehicle radio sets, facilitated by a backhaul network comprising over 70 base stations.

ESTA manages the provision of advanced, operational communications for Victoria’s emergency services. These operational communications support police, fire, ambulance and VICSES personnel in the field by this year carrying more than 20 million radio calls over the Metropolitan Mobile Radio Service (MMR).

Network Performance

The MMR core network availability for 2015-16 was 100 per cent against a target of 99.95 per cent.

The MMR network continued to perform at an outstanding level throughout the year with performance levels at 100 per cent. A major network upgrade commenced in November replacing the microwave links across all sites. During 2015-16, ESTA extended the MMR services term to mid-2018, ensuring continuity of service for the agencies while longer term plans are being developed.

Network Activity

The breakdown of the total number of MMR calls for the 2015-16 year was as follows:

  • Ambulance 5,541,007
  • MFB 1,531,173
  • Victoria Police 14,450,665
  • TOTAL 21,522,845