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A grateful husband and wife meet the call-taker at the end of the line

A grateful husband and wife meet the call-taker at the end of the line

ESTA call-taker, Erica was reunited with a very grateful husband and wife. Erica helped the husband, Greg through a call where Greg’s wife was having a seizure. 

It has been almost 12 months since that triple zero call and Greg and his wife Sue have since moved interstate - but one thing they really wanted to do while being back in Victoria for a short stay was to thank the operator who has never left their thoughts. 

Erica said It was really nice to connect a face to a voice and know that she actually made a real difference in a traumatic situation. 

“Talking with Greg over a cup of tea, I was really impacted by how traumatic the experience was for him. A seizure call, something that is common for us, affected him deeply. Showing empathy and providing reassurance and clear information and direction made all the difference to him.

“Greg mentioned that the thing he was most grateful for was letting him know what to expect after Sue had the seizure and that she may not wake up straight away. He said he would’ve been more panicked had he not known this. 

“He also said how glad he was to have my kind voice on the phone and that he didn’t feel alone.”

Erica said that Sue was grateful for the service we (ESTA) all provide. 

“Sue brought a huge box of chocolates for the whole team to share to show her appreciation.

“It was lovely to meet Greg and Sue and know that there was a good outcome.”