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Helping to make a difference in more ways than one

Helping to make a difference in more ways than one

As a fire dispatcher for 15 years, Amanda understands what it’s like to help people in need – but for the past eight years, Amanda has been on the other end of the phone line helping people in a different way, and that’s through her volunteer work with the Good Friday Appeal’s telethon. 

Amanda said that the Good Friday Appeal is something that she has grown up with. 

“I remember when we were kids we’d turn on the TV to watch the Good Friday Appeal segment and I always thought I’d love to volunteer and be part of that one day. 

“When ESTA had the opportunity to volunteer as part of the telethon, I put my hand up and I’ve been doing it ever since. 

“I also have personal connections with the Royal Children’s Hospital, so the Good Friday Appeal has always been a charity close to my heart. 

“My sister was a patient of the Royal Children’s Hospital when she was a baby, I had a little cousin who had major surgery at the hospital and friends of mine had a baby who was unwell and was a patient of the hospital, who unfortunately passed away – I do it in memory of him. 

“I also look forward to the Good Friday Appeal fundraising that I’m involved with throughout the year. 

“We do so much here at ESTA to raise funds for such an important cause – we have lunches, BBQ’s, morning teas, Easter egg hunt competitions, bake-offs, raffles and more. On Sundays, I like to bake scones with jam and cream, and people can give a gold coin donation. Everyone is so generous and gets behind it. I think because of what we do as an organisation, the cause really connects with us. 

“As a volunteer at the telethon, it’s so lovely to be able to say thanks to the public that call in and give donations. Where I can, I like to have a chat with them – many have heartfelt stories that they share with me. 

“For anyone thinking of getting involved, I encourage you to do so in any way you can. Whether it be through donations, fundraising or volunteering – it’s a great cause that helps the kids.”