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A rare moment for police dispatcher

A rare moment for police dispatcher

Emergency call-taking and dispatch is at the heart of what ESTA does – but over the 7000 or so calls we receive each day, it’s rare for our people to hear the outcome of a job. For police dispatcher, Rob, a leisurely walk after work saw him play a key role in apprehending an alleged offender. 

As Rob was walking his dogs, he noticed a car that looked familiar to one involved in a dispatch job he had the night before. On closer inspection, Rob recognised the number plates to be that of the outstanding suspect’s vehicle and called it into police. 

The car details were verified and police apprehended the suspect. 

Rob said in his 24 years in both police call-taking and dispatch roles, he was glad that he could see the final outcome of the triple zero process. 

“It was quite an adrenaline rush – I was glad to be able to assist in apprehending the suspect and possibly prevented any further injuries or damage from occurring. 

“As a police dispatcher, I play an important role in relaying critical situational and safety information to police and getting units to the scene, and on this occasion it was good to be able to see the outcome of the critical work we do,” he said.