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A special visit

A special visit

When a two-year-old boy was having a severe allergic reaction, his quick thinking grandma called triple zero. 

Triple zero call-taker, Hamish was able to keep the grandma calm in order to get critical information and organise the right emergency response. 

This week, Hamish received a special visit from the now fully recovered boy and his family to say thank you. 

The family had a kind message of thanks for Hamish...

“Don’t underestimate the work that our triple zero operators do. We all definitely think Hamish played a huge role in saving our son’s life. 

“Hamish’s ability to keep the situation as calm as possible, staying on the line until help arrived and providing instructions was critical. 

“Having him there, even though he was a complete stranger, was very reassuring. 

“Thank you Hamish - we couldn’t have done it without you.”