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These Easter holidays - know your location

These Easter holidays - know your location

Triple zero service urges Victorians to know where they are this Easter

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) is reminding holiday goers this Easter to familiarise themselves with their holiday address and surroundings, in case they’re involved in an emergency.

ESTA has more than 350,000 Common Place Names in its Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. These locations include major shopping centres, pharmacies, airports and sports centres.

ESTA’s Chief Operations Officer, Ben Piper, said being aware of these landmarks could make a difference in an emergency when every second counts.

“Most people can easily identify a service station or major shopping centre in a particular area. Having this information is key to a quick emergency response,” he said.

“If you are out in open space where there is no set address, such as a beach, park or trail, look for emergency markers, which are in 175 locations across the state. Each sign has a three-digit numerical code which is linked with the CAD system and which indicates the location.

“Another way to find your location is to download the Emergency+ app, which is a free app that uses a GPS function built into smartphones to help a triple zero caller provide critical location details.

“As soon as our triple zero operators know where and what your emergency is, we will organise help,” he said.