The call that saved a son’s life

When people think about having to call triple zero in an emergency, most wouldn’t expect to call for a fit and healthy 25-year-old, but this family had to make such a call for their son. 

From taking ambulance calls to fighting fires

As an ESTA ambulance call-taker and dispatcher, Craig’s role is to provide the critical link between the community and emergency services;- however, besides his usual job, Craig also helps the comm

The chain of survival

From the triple zero call to dispatch to the attending paramedics, our emergency services work together to ensure that the Victorian community get the right help as quickly as possible. 

Helping to make a difference in more ways than one

As a fire dispatcher for 15 years, Amanda understands what it’s like to help people in need – but for the past eight years, Amanda has been on the other end of the phone line helping people in a di

A call this family thought it would never have to make

Alex had collapsed in the middle of the night and his family made the call it never thought they would have to make. 

A grateful husband and wife meet the call-taker at the end of the line

ESTA call-taker, Erica was reunited with a very grateful husband and wife. Erica helped the husband, Greg through a call where Greg’s wife was having a seizure. 

#Iam000 - meet the team

Meet our police call-taker and SES dispatcher, Tash. As part of our #Iam000 series, we speak with Tash about the critical service she provides to the community. 

A mother's message of thanks

ESTA ambulance operator, Eileen, remembers the call she took from a mother whose four-day-old baby was having difficulty breathing and turning blue. 

Newest recruit's first ever triple zero call

ESTA’s triple zero call-takers are on the phone with callers when emergency help is needed most, through a broad range of situations.

Saving lives and sometimes laptops

Working as an ESTA police operator for the past 5 years, Ryan is used to helping save lives and keeping the community safe – but on this unique occasion, Ryan was able to help a member of the commu