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Our role

More than you think

The provision of life saving emergency call-taking and dispatch for all Victorians requires dedicated professional people and sophisticated technical systems.

Emergency call-taking and dispatch is at the heart of what ESTA does.

ESTA’s Triple zero call-takers are on the phone with callers when emergency help is needed most, through a broad range of situations. ESTA dispatchers relay critical situational and safety information to the emergency services and get units to the scene. The instructions, scene safety advice, and first aid care these people provide make a real difference to the lives of Victorians across some 7000 calls a day.

In 2019-20, ESTA answered more than 2.7 million calls for assistance, representing a call every 11 seconds or an average of 7600 a day. ESTA dispatched more than 2.2 million events an average of more than 6100 each day. 

ESTA is one of the few emergency communications agencies in the world that manages communications for the full range of emergency service providers.

Supporting this effort, technology upgrades have been implemented or put in train across all of ESTA’s operational communications services. This reflects State Government investment in these important emergency services and translates into tangible call-taking and dispatch improvements for the community, as well as better mobile data, radio and paging services for emergency services agencies.