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Requests under the ESTA Act

Requests under the ESTA Act

Section 33 of the ESTA Act is titled “Secrecy” and protects the "confidential information" of callers (whether or not such information is considered personal or health information) by limiting the use that ESTA, its employees and any others may make in relation to that information.

The ESTA Act permits disclosure of confidential information with the written authority of the Minister, or the person to whom the information relates. ESTA has Ministerial Authorisation permitting the release of otherwise confidential information in specific circumstances.

The Authorisation does not permit the disclosure or communication of information that would reveal the identity of an individual or an organisation without the express or implied consent of each individual or organisation concerned. If an individual is incapable of giving consent, the consent of the individual's next of kin or personal legal representative must be obtained.

Our Privacy statement includes more detail about how ESTA handles personal and health information and links to our Privacy Policy.

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