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Selection process

The selection process consists of a number of components as follows:

  • initial application screening
  • telephone screening
  • an assessment centre
  • a National Police Record check
  • a personality assessment
  • health assessments
  • interview and referee checks

Success at each of these components is essential to be eligible for appointment.  Each of the components are conducted on set dates within a defined timeframe and you must be available to attend at ESTA's discretion.

Initial application screening

The selection process begins with ESTA reviewing your resume and making an assessment of your experience, knowledge and skills against the requirements of the position, as well as your responses to the key selection criteria, including your typing competence. It is important, therefore, that your application addresses all aspects of the selection criteria as clearly as possible.

Telephone screening

A Human Resources consultant may contact you by telephone to discuss your application and the position in more detail. This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself, why you have applied for the position, as well as your expectations and to find out more about the position and work environment.

Assessment centre

We use an assessment centre process to help us understand whether you have a number of required attributes. These sessions which consist of small groups of applicants, take about half a day and are also very informative. We endeavour to make the session as interactive as possible and there are individual and group exercises designed to help us assess your suitability for employment.

Applicants successful at the assessment centre may be invited to attend an interview. Applicants who are unsuccessful at the assessment centre are precluded from applying for employment with ESTA and attending a subsequent assessment centre for a period of 12 months.

National Police Record check

If you have a criminal history, it may preclude you from employment with ESTA. If you are concerned about this, you can contact the People, Capability and Reputation department and have a confidential discussion about your circumstances.

Personality inventory

ESTA’s personality inventory is an instrument used to assess normal adult personality. Our individual differences in tendencies can show consistent patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. The personality inventory that ESTA uses is designed to provide a picture of your likely strengths and weaknesses in specific personality areas, relevant to the position. An independent company analyses the results and provides relevant feedback to ESTA.

Health assessment

Given the critical nature of the work undertaken by our call-takers and dispatchers, you will be required to provide a pre-existing health declaration and undergo hearing and vision testing at ESTA's expense.


The interview is another opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself and for us to gather more information about you. The interview is usually conducted at the workplace you attended for the assessment centre and the interview panel includes representatives from the CTD Operations department and the People, Capability and Reputation department. ESTA uses the Behaviour Descriptive Interviews (BDI) process.  The BDI process is where you provide an assessment technique that focuses on what you have done in the past, and specific examples or occasions when you have displayed the required behaviours.


ESTA requires that you provide three referees with whom you have worked in a subordinate capacity.