As a registered training organisation (RTO 21660), ESTA  has a dedicated learning & development function that delivers comprehensive accredited training which will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to perform your specialist duties. Our programs are competency based, reflecting adult learning principles and contemporary assessment practices. ESTA trainers deliver best practice and innovative training solutions that engage learners to become highly skilled, flexible and engaged people in our emergency communications centres. Our certificate courses are nationally accredited and governed by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

Call-taker training

Upon commencing employment you will undertake an intensive and comprehensive initial training course to equip you with the skills and knowledge required as a successful call-taker. Once you have successfully completed your training you will be awarded with a 22147VIC Certificate II in Emergency Communications, appropriate to the emergency service organisation group (Ambulance, Victoria Police/SES, Fire Services) for which you will be taking calls. Seven (7) core units and one (1) or more stream competency units are required for achievement of the  22147VIC Certificate II in Emergency Communications PDF icon22147VIC Certificate II in Emergency Communications (182 KB)

Successful completion of this certificate is a requirement for continuing employment with ESTA. Learners who do not achieve the certificate are issued with a statement of attainment reflecting the units successfully completed.

Dispatcher training

Following the successful attainment of 22147VIC Certificate II in Emergency Communications and subsequent consolidation of your skills, the opportunity may arise for you to further your training and become a dispatcher (appropriate to the service in which you are currently engaged). Your appointment as a dispatcher is based on the successful completion of 22148VIC Certificate III in Emergency Communications PDF icon22148VIC Certificate III in Emergency Communications (176.31 KB)  

Four stream competency units are offered, the completion of one unit in the appropriate service (in addition to the 22147VIC Certificate II already completed) is required to achieve the Certificate III.

Course duration

The duration of the training course depends on the emergency service group in which you are engaged and consists of both classroom (off shift) and on the job/mentoring in the operational environment (on shift).  


The successful completion of both the call-taker and dispatcher training program is based on the successful undertaking of a series of assessments.  All assessments undertaken within the ESTA training environment (both 'on' and 'off' shift) are specific to the competency standards associated with the 22147VIC Certificate II and 22148VIC Certificate III in Emergency Communications and are conducted within the guidelines of the National Standards for assessing by ensuring validity, reliability, fairness and flexibility.

There are four (4) types of assessments used by ESTA to determine competency.