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Where is your emergency?

To get help to you, we need to know where you are. If the emergency is at your house, you need to know your address. This includes:
  • the number of your house

  • the street name

  • the suburb

  • nearest corner street (if you know it).

If you know the name of the nearest corner street, this will help get the emergency services to the right place. Take a walk with mum or dad and see what the street on the corner is called. There might be two street corners, so why not check them both out.

If the emergency is not at your house, you need to know where you are.

You might be at a friend or relative’s house or a local park. Whatever the case, it’s important you know the address or the street name so we can pinpoint your exact location.

Friend or relative’s house

  • Is the address listed near the telephone or on the fridge on a bill?
  • Can the number of the house be found on the letterbox or near the front door?
  • Can you easily get to the next door neighbour’s house for help?


  • Does the park have a name? e.g. Edwardes Park Lake, J.J. Holland Park, Alexandra Gardens
  • Is there a landmark nearby? e.g. a statue, a building or school, an Emergency Marker, maps or signs
  • Is anyone nearby who can help you?

Always check your surroundings when you are out with family and friends. If you are riding your bike, it's always a good idea to let a parent or grown-up know where you are going. If you are on a bike always note what roads, paths or bike trails you are on. Most of all - be safe!