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Employment entitlements and benefits

Employment entitlements and benefits for operational employees are provided in accordance with the provisions of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Enterprise Agreement 2015 and ESTA policy. The following information outlines some of the key provisions of the agreement and policy and does not represent entitlements or benefits in their entirety.

Hours of work

Subject to specific workplace rostering arrangements, full-time operational employees may work an average 1976 normal hours per annum resulting in an average of 38 hours work per week.

Some rosters require an average of 40 hours per week and full-time employees may accrue up to two hours at ordinary time per week that may be taken as either payment in lieu or time in lieu.

Classification structure

The following classification structure applies:

  • Trainee call-taker from commencement until successful completion of agency training
  • Trainee dispatcher from commencement until successful completion of agency training
  • Call-taker Level 1 payable from the successful completion of agency training
  • Dispatcher Level 1 payable from the successful completion of agency training
  • Call-taker Level 2
  • Dispatcher Level 2
  • Call-taker Level 3
  • Dispatcher Level 3
  • Call-taker Level 4
  • Dispatcher Level 4
  • Team Leader Level 1
  • Team Leader Level 2

The salaries for each classification level vary from time to time and the latest roles are outlined in the  ESTA call-taker applicant information kit.pdf PDF icon ESTA call-taker applicant information kit.pdf (2.33 MB)

Shift penalties

The following shift penalty payments generally apply subject to a number of conditions outlined in the Enterprise Agreement and are as follows:

  • Afternoon - (Monday to Friday) 15 per cent
  • Night - (Except where Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday rates apply) 25 per cent
  • Saturday 50 per cent
  • Sunday 100 per cent
  • Public Holiday 150 per cent
ESTA provides a number of “wellness” initiatives and activities that are accessible during employment including hearing and vision assessments, the use of a quiet room for relaxation purposes, an Immunisation and Infection control program, access to discount gym memberships, smoking cessation programs, nutrition education and weight management support and access to discount travel and accommodation.

Annual leave

Employees working on a continuous shift will accrue annual leave at the rate of five weeks (190 hours) per annum. A 17.5 per cent annual leave loading is payable in respect of all annual leave.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

ESTA provides a professional employee support service intended for employees and members of their immediate family who face difficulties that may affect their wellbeing, work performance or enjoyment at work.  This service is strictly confidential and is provided by an independent external organisation.

Exclusivity of employment

To ensure employees can effectively and efficiently carry out their ESTA duties and responsibilities they must not undertake any other employment, office, or remunerated work, or honorary or voluntary activity (e.g. CFA or SES), which could in any way impinge upon, detract from, interfere with, or otherwise restrict their ability to meet their employment obligations to ESTA. Approval from ESTA is required where staff wish to engage in (or continue to engage in) “outside employment”.


ESTA will make the appropriate employer contribution to the VicSuper superannuation fund.


ESTA provides a uniform which must be worn at all times while on duty, except on nominated “casual clothes” days.