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ESTA provides the critical link between the Victorian community and the state’s emergency services agencies. It provides Victoria’s 24-hour emergency call-taking and dispatch services for police, fire, ambulance and VICSES. In 2016-17, ESTA answered 2,595,126 calls for assistance, representing a call every 12 seconds or an average of 7110 a day. This was an increase of 2.0 per cent in the total number of calls taken compared with the previous year. The total number of events dispatched grew to 2,161,706 an average of more than 5900 each day or one every 15 seconds.

ESTA also manages the provision of advanced, operational communications for Victoria’s emergency services. These operational communications support police, fire, ambulance and VICSES personnel in the field by this year carrying more than 20 million radio calls over the Metropolitan Mobile Radio Service (MMR); supporting 11.3 million data transactions on the Mobile Data Network (MDN); and delivering 1.4 million messages to CFA, VICSES and Ambulance Victoria volunteers and staff via the State-wide Emergency Alerting System (EAS). Demand for ESTA’s services, in particular for emergency assistance, continues to grow with triple zero calls answered increasing by 2 per cent and events dispatched by 1.3 per cent during the year.

This integration of emergency services communications within ESTA is unique in Australia and rare worldwide.

ESTA’s staff are deeply committed to the community they serve and are among the most dedicated and highly skilled in their field. Call-taking and dispatch services are delivered from three State Emergency Communications Centres (SECCs) located at Ballarat, East Burwood and Docklands.

Victoria is unique in Australia and rare in the world in having a single, centralised authority responsible for police, fire, ambulance and State Emergency Service call-taking and dispatch.

Operating in an environment of increasing community expectations for seamless and transparent emergency services, ESTA pursues continuous improvement across all areas of its service delivery.

The Victorian Government has outlined a policy of increasing interoperability across the emergency services sector to enable effective responses to major events. This supports Victoria’s all hazards, all agencies approach to emergency management. ESTA has a key role in facilitating interoperability for multi-agency response and is committed to providing the operational communications services and support that the emergency services need, when it is needed.

ESTA aims to meet community and emergency service agency demands by offering the highest quality call-taking and dispatch service and being the best organisation at integrating advanced communications technology and a centre of excellence in this field.