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Contact Us

For enquiries or feedback contact

Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
33 Lakeside Drive
Burwood East  VIC  3151
Tel: 03 8656 1200
Email: info [at] esta.vic.gov.au

Important: If your enquiry is relating to a 000 call made to ESTA, please ensure you include:

  • Your identification as the person making the call
  • The date and time of the call
  • Telephone number used to contact 000
  • Location of the event

Please be aware that emergencies cannot be reported via the ESTA website.  For emergency assistance requiring police, fire or ambulance attendance, always ring 000.

Burn-off and Water-off Notifications

Notifying ESTA about planned burns prevents unnecessary fire brigade response.  Callers reporting an actual fire can then be advised that the fire is a planned burn.  If this can't be verified, a fire brigade will be notified.  It is also good to inform your neighbours.

To notify us of your planned burn, please ring 1800 668 511.

OR complete the  and email it to burnoffs [at] esta.vic.gov.au or by fax to: 1300 674 428.

Further information about burn-offs can be found at the CFA website.

Contact ESTA 

We welcome your feedback and enquiries.
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Protected Disclosures 

ESTA is committed to its obligations under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012. This commitment includes protecting individuals who come forward with a public interest disclosure about any perceived improper conduct by ESTA or its employees. ESTA supports the promotion of public sector accountability and transparency.   

ESTA has implemented procedures to establish a system for reporting disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action in accordance with the legislation.

If you wish to make a protected disclosure in relation to ESTA or one or more of its employees or officers please write to:

The Corporate Secretary (Protected Disclosures)
33 Lakeside Drive
Burwood East VIC 3151

Or email the Corporate Secretary (Protected Disclosures) Protected.Disclosure [at] esta.vic.gov.au

Or call 03 8656 1200 and ask to speak to the Corporate Secretary.