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Emergency Markers

Location information challenges are particularly difficult for ‘open space’ locations with no set addresses such as beaches, parks and trails.  Emergency markers are designed to pinpoint your exact location during an emergency in public open spaces or a hard to define places.

Want to know where emergency markers are in your area?

Visit the QR2id portal and Emergency Marker portal for imagery and data of Victoria's emergency markers.

This stand-alone emergency marker is situated on the Werribee jetty.

Emergency markers can also be incorporated into other types of signage.  This example combines marker information with aquatic risk signage at Stingray Bay (Warrnambool City Council).

Emergency marker on the Castlemaine to Maldon Rail Trail. 

Emergency markers look like a street sign with white text on a green background. Each has a unique alphanumeric code made up of three letters and three numbers. This code is linked to ESTA’s CAD system and specifies the location, GPS coordinates, road access route or navigational data, all of which assists the dispatch of emergency services.

ESTA now has more than 3220 emergency markers identifiable to call-takers in the Computer Aided Dispatch system. Victoria has 219 locations served by the marker program with efforts during the year focused on a number of shared user trails and pathways.

For further information on the emergency markers program, please email the team at emergencymarkers [at] rapidmap.com or call (03) 9466 5200.